3-Ingredient Flourless Brownies

So I found this recipe through a Buzzfeed article.  They’re not exactly brownie-ish, but they’re super easy and still taste good.  They have a strong banana flavor, so if you’re not into bananas, this may not be right for you.  I’ve been packing them as my pre-workout snack because they have carbs (bananas), natural sugars (more bananas), and protein (almond butter).  Sooooo simple and they help curb my sweet cravings.

From 3-ingredient brownies recipe

3 overripe bananas* (need to be overripe for the sweetness)

1/2 cup room-temperature smooth almond butter* (just nuts, not other garbage in it)

1/4 cup cocoa powder

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a small cake pan.  There’s not a ton of batter, so opt for a small pan.  I use a glass (6 x 8) baking dish.
  2. Throw everything in a blender and blend until super smooth.
  3. Pour into greased dish and bake for 20 minutes.
  4. Let cool completely before slicing in.


*If your ba-nay-nays aren’t ripe enough, here’s a tip.  Layout your nanners on a piece of tinfoil on a pan in the oven at the lowest setting your oven will go.  Keep them in there for about 10 minutes.  The bananas will start oozing out of the peels and the peels will be black.  Then just squeeze out the banana goo into the blender.

*You can use any nut butter for this recipe.  I use almond butter because its tasty and peanuts are an inflammatory, so I try to avoid them when I can.  I usually buy my almond butter from Sprouts or grind it on my own at Whole Foods.  Nuts are sweet enough, you don’t need the extra ingredients when you buy it from the store.  Look over the ingredient label before you buy your nut butters (hehe).  If it has oil, sugar, agave, syrup, etc. in the list, don’t buy it.


2 thoughts on “3-Ingredient Flourless Brownies

    1. seejogogo

      When I grind my own almond butter at Whole Foods, it’s something like 8.99/lb versus peanut butter which is 2.99/lb. However, since peanuts aren’t technically nuts and are more inflammatory for the body, I’ve veered more towards cashew butter, sun butter, or almond butter. You can do any with this recipe.


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