Rise of the Iron Maidens

At the middle school where I work, we have teachers and volunteers who teach enrichment classes from 3-4pm of the school day.  The classes range from Study Hall to Lego Robotics to Girls Soccer.  This quarter I decided I wanted to start an all-girls health and fitness enrichment class where we would do group exercises and sports and also learn about nutrition and healthy food options.  The class is called (you guessed it!) the Iron Maidens!  I am beyond excited for this class.  It’s my first attempt towards my possible next career step of being a health and fitness instructor for families.  So far the class is doing pretty well.  Some of the girls are into it, some don’t see the points, and the staff at my school are super supportive and are even joining in on the workouts!

The class meets every Monday and Wednesday from 3-4pm.  We’ve only had 3 classes so far.  Our next class is this Monday, which is our group workout day.  One of the reading teachers at my school has been a huge helper in this endeavor and she’s a yoga instructor!  She’s graciously agreed to teach a yoga class this Monday in our yoga studio at school!  A handful of female teachers at school have expressed interest in attending as well.  On Wednesdays, we have been creating healthy snacks and watching a documentary.  Last Wednesday we made the Yum-yum in the Tum-tum Apple Dip.  About 30% of the girls dug it.  The others could take it or leave it.  Wednesday of this past week we had a healthy popcorn bar (air-popped yellow corn with different flavored salts, seasonings, and some parm cheese) and watched half of the documentary “That Sugar Film”.  I’m not too sure how some girls are feeling about the class.  My hope is to have more activities that they enjoy and cook more foods that they can easily make at home.  For this next Wednesday I’m going to make a new recipe I found of Strawberry-Banana Muffins for the gals and we’ll finish watching the documentary.  I guess my goal for the class is to get them thinking more about their healthy choices in life so that they can bypass a lot of the health issues that are plaguing children and adults today.

The class lasts for another 7-8 weeks, which means I have tons of time to come up with some good workouts and recipes!  My bootcamp instructor is planning on coming to teach the girls a class next Monday.  I’d like to do some competitive sports as well, as it seems that middle school girls love to pit themselves against others.  I also recently found out that one of the teachers I work closely with is also a Zumba instructor!  If any of ya’ll reading this have some ideas for group workouts that middle school girls might like or some easy-to-make after-school-ish snacks we could make, please add in a comment!  This curriculum is a work in progress.

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