Phase II

So I’ve been hovering around 175-180 lbs for about 2 months.  Nothing is budging.  Some days I’m 180, some days I’m 175.  My weight has been hanging around this zone for awhile.  This has happened before when I was at the 200-ish mark and I overcame it by tracking calories and cheat-mealing.  So now…how do I overcome this plateau?  I’m already tracking calories and doing my weekly cheat meal.  Hmmm…

The human body is an amazing organism.  It’s so amazing that I want to punch it in the face!  No matter what I add or subtract to my diet and workout routine, it will eventually find a way to stabilize and stop me from losing weight.  Here’s the deal, we may like it when our bodies drop weight, but our bodies hate it.  Weight fluctuations send signals to our body that there is either too much or too little of something, so it needs to compensate.  The same goes for our exercise.  Even though 20 intense minutes on the Arc Trainer and 30 minutes of whole-body strength training worked to help me gain muscle and lose fat last winter, the same regime isn’t working now.  My body has adjusted to this exercise, having it not be as effective as it used to.  Damn our efficient bodies!

Such is the struggle of losing substantial amounts of weight: what worked before, may not work again.  So on to my Phase II of my weight loss (actually it’s more like Phase V or VI, but who’s counting?).

Diet: I’ve been playing around with intermittent fasting over the past few weeks, where I’ll only consume 800-900 calories one day (Suja juice or Rx protein bars), then I’ll continue to eat the way I have been for the rest of the days.  Intermittent fasting is the new thing, but is it my new thing?  To be honest, that calorie deficit didn’t change much.  Sure, the day after my fast I weighed about 1-2 pounds less, but then I put it right back.  My husband and I have decided to try out making smoothies for our lunches.  I’ve tried the breakfast smoothies before and those seemed to help.  This time around, I’m going to blend up my lunch and carry it in a blue jar and sip chunky goodness around the noon o’clock hour.  Ingredients will vary, but I need to start adding in vegetables to my smoothies (something that I haven’t done before).  I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how this one progresses.  The reason I’m trying this is A) why the heck not? and B) it’s crazy healthy – just fruits, veg, some protein.  I’ll include one of my go-to smoothie recipes at the end of this blog.  Warning: there are no veggies in it – gonna have to fix that.

Exercise: My workout routines at the gym have remained the same over the past few months so now it’s time for me to shake things up again.  My plan is to go back to trying out some of the free workout classes offered through my gym (24-hour fitness).  I’m also looking into joining a crossfit or a super-buff-chicks-moving-stuff-while-grunting-and-sweating-up-a-storm class.  There’s a place called Burn Bootcamp or Fit 36 that I want to try.  Luckily, summer break is coming up so I can start some trial memberships to find something that I like.  Also Denver Fitness Week is this coming week and there are some gyms around town that are offering $7 classes.  It’s worth checking out.  The trick is, once I find something that works, I can stick with it for a bit, but then I’ll need to change it up again.

I will get to that 150 mark; I know it.  It just takes time and a lot of trial and error.  On the plus side, once I’m down to that goal weight, I’ll be a pro at the maintenance!


Blueberry-Almond Whirry-Do Smoothie!


1 cup blueberries (Can be fresh or frozen, but for best results, half-thawed work well.  If berries are totally frozen, not much flavor will come from them.)

2 cups unsweetened cashew or almond milk

1 teaspoon ground flax seed

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1/4 cup rolled oats

1 Tablespoon pure almond butter


Blend everything together!  I’m gonna put mine in our newly-bought blue mason jars!

One thought on “Phase II

  1. Judy

    Thanks for the smithy recipe, I’ll try it and maybe add PB2 for a little more protein , it might taste like peanut butter and jelly. Have you ever tried Pilates? I have read a few things about them and was wondering about it.


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