Oooohhh crap, what’d I just do?

So there have been a few things going on this week:

  1. I started my part-time job as a Lyft driver, and it’s fun but a wee bit strange.
  2. I booked two trips!
  3. We had our first band practice!
  4. I did just 5 days of Whole 30 eating to try it out.
  5. I signed up for the Half Tough Mudder at Copper Mountain in July…

ONE: So real quick, the Lyft driving is a pretty wacky gig!  This app really has it together.  I’ve only given 6 rides this week because I also just want to enjoy my summer off.  Whenever I want, I just hop in my car, turn on my app and lil notifications pop up for me to pick up passengers.  Kinda neat.

TWO: My husband and I finally bit the bullet and booked our 5 nights stay at Seychelles, which is a small cluster of islands west of Africa.  We settled on this place because it’s a visa-free country and just easier in the long run rather than taking mini-trips to LA or Chicago just to get the visa at the country’s embassy.  The flights are gonna be long, however, 30-32 hours each way.  But from the pictures, what I’ve read, and what people have told me, it is paradise!  The other trip I booked is I’m heading down to Nashville to see my best friend and old bandmate, Chuck.  Then my parents will be driving their trailer up from Florida, will meet in Nashville, then head to Memphis, then up to Branson, and then back to Denver.  Yeehaw!  This trip is going to remind me of those vacations my sisters and I took a long time ago with my grandparents in their motorhome, but with beer and campfires!  I know what you’re thinking, how am I going to maintain my workouts and healthy eating over these two trips?  Yeah, I’ve been a little worried about it myself.  First off, I purchased these resistance bands since I won’t have access to a gym.  I’ll still keep up with my 5-days-a-week of resistance training and this time I will be adding in running for my cardio.  DUN DUN DUN…I am really not a runner.  This is going to be a big challenge for me.  On the food front, I still plan on eating protein, veg, fruit, and healthy fats (no dairy) while on my trip.  I can make this work.  More to come on this a bit later in this blog.

THREE: Fun news!  Some teacher dudes and I have started up a band!  It’s in the very early stages (one practice under our belts), but it was so much fun to sing with musicians again.  We’re just going to be working on covers for now until we can get into our groove, but YAY!

FOUR: I completed 5 days of the Whole 30.  Yes, I know, you’re supposed to do the full 30 days to get the effect, but I’m not buying it.  I like my cheat meals.  I’m making this work for me.  What I’ve discovered through these last 5 days is…

-Straight-up coconut milk from the can is an awesome creamer in coffee!  I’m sticking with this one.

-Not eating starchy carbs like oats, brown rice, whole-wheat, etc. really impacts my energy levels at the gym.  I need to get used to this and find my inner beast-mode.  I just felt like I was really lacking in my stamina at the gym.

-I may be lactose intolerant.  WARNING: NASTY BIT COMING UP! I hadn’t had any dairy for 5 days, then we had ice cream last night for my cheat meal and I felt super bloated, uncomfortable, and gassy after.  Plus side, I think I’ll be kicking dairy out of my diet.

-It has helped in the weight loss department!  My weight has been shifting down a bit this week, so it’s nice to see some movement.

I’m going to continue eating this way through the summer, in hopes that this is the kick in the pants I need to get off this weight-loss plateau.

FIVE: This is the big one, and I am suuuuuper nervous about it.  I signed up for the Half Tough Mudder in Copper Mountain in July.  Some coworkers of mine invited me to join their team, and I put it off long enough.  Yesterday I bought the Groupon for the event (saved me about $45 bucks!).  It’s a 5-mile course with 13 muddy obstacles.  You complete each obstacle with your team and you supposedly get covered in mud.  It’s like a 5k with some American Ninja Warrior mixed in.  The mudder is Saturday, July 16th.  I MUST START TRAINING NOW.  The last time I ran a mile was when I was in gym class in high school and I think I walked over half of it because I was really out of shape then.  Luckily, I’m in the best shape of my life now and just need to push myself more over the next month so I feel confident and ready to get dirty.  I downloaded a 3-month training schedule from the Tough Mudder folks, so now I have to condense 3 months of training into 1 (count ’em, 1!).  I’ve never participated in a 5k, race, or competition like this in my life!  Am I nervous?  Shhhhhyeah.  Am I probably going to pee my pants?  More than likely.  Can I do this?  You betcha!  I think this Half Tough Mudder is just the motivation I need to really step up my fitness levels.  Bring on the beast-mode!

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