Surprise! Another Change!

So yes, in my last blog post I discussed how I was trying out the Whole30.  I even bought the damn book.  I did 5 days of it here in Denver, then I went on a camper-trailer vacation with my parents.  They were driving up from Tampa, so I flew from Denver to Nashville.


We stayed in Nashville a few days then drove the camper-trailer to Memphis.  We stayed there a couple days and I re-watched two of the “Paradise Lost” documentaries because our campground was in West Memphis, which kind of freaked me out.  I’ll admit I had a few nightmares there.  Then we drove up to Branson where I convinced my parents to go to the Dixie Stampede, which is similar to one of those Medieval Times places where you watch a show, eat with your hands, and cheer on your knight, except this was North vs. South…lil awkward.


Then we drove back to Denver.  So how did my fitness and eating pan out during these 13 days?  Meh, I did ok, I guess.  I brought a bunch of workout stuff with me (resistance bands, foam roller, yoga mat), but didn’t really end up using them.  Instead, I ran/walked around the campgrounds paired with bodyweight exercises (lunges, squats, push-ups, hip-dips, etc.) about 5-6 times during the trip.  I should have done more, yes…  How about my diet while I was there?  Well, I started out doing pretty well, I followed my Whole30 regimen for the most part during the first half of the vacation, however, I did end up drinking with my friends in Nashville a couple nights.  The second half of the trip, I didn’t do as well.  My dad had some small Hershey’s chocolates lying around the camper kitchen and my mom had Twizzlers, so I nibbled on them quite a bit each day.  I also had some booze during the second leg of the trip, switched to eating Crispix cereal and milk in the morning because making a veggie omelet in a camper every morning is pretty damn annoying, and we made an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen (Salted Caramel Blondie was delicious, but I paid for it that night from my indigestion-lactose intolerance, ya’ll!).  So, if I had to give myself a grade for how much I paid attention to my health during this trip, I’d say I’d get a C-not my best, but it could have been worse.  The biggest takeaway is that I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  Yup, I made some boo-boos, but I’ll get back on track.  I know how to get back on track.

I also had “an awakening”, if you will, on this trip.  I watched two documentaries on Netflix about the impacts of eating a plant-based diet.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “Changing it up again, Jo?  Geez Louise, pick a diet and run with it!  You barely gave the Whole30 thing a try!”  Yeah, yeah, I know; I even bought that damn book!  Anyways, the first documentary I watched was “What the Health”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.17.24 AM.png

It covered mostly the health benefits of those who choose a plant-based diet (crazy good for you, folks!).  It also discussed some of the possible conspiracy and lobbying power that the livestock agriculture industry has on shaping how we eat in America.  Really eye-opening!  I’ve watched “Forks Over Knives” before and have done a lil research prior about veganism, but this one helped to send me over the edge.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.17.04 AM.png

The second documentary I watched was recommended by my friend living in Turkey.  He messaged me on Facebook the next day after I watched “What the Health” and had been thinking about making the switch.  He suggested I watch “Cowspiracy” (also on Netflix and by the same documentarian).

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.17.42 AM.png

So I did, and it blew me away!  This documentary focused more on the environmental and ethical impacts of eating a plant-based diet.  It discussed the amount of land, water, food, and other resources it takes to breed livestock – seriously, it’s nuts!  It talked about the unethical treatment of animals and the environmental impact of livestock agriculture.  One piece of information that really got me was that the cause for 91% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is due to creating land for livestock agriculture!  These documentaries really made me take a step back and think about what is best for my health and our world.

Therefore….dah dah dah DAAAAAHHH!  After my husband and I come back from our vacation in Seychelles, I am going to switch to a plant-based diet (aka Jo is gonna be a VEGAN!).  Yeah, it’s kinda hard to believe.  But here’s the deal, it’s not going to be much of a switch from what I’m already doing.  I’m already eating healthy, but I do consume meat at almost every meal.  I’ve already kicked my dairy habit (for the most part).  There are tons of vegan alternatives for everyday foods.  It’s a pretty rad time to be a vegan!  I also get to eat oats, rice, beans, and grains again!  So, I’ve ordered my B12 supplements through Amazon that will be arriving next week, and I AM PUMPED!  I really think this is it, folks!

So, if you’re bored, I urge you to check out the linked documentaries above; they’re truly eye-opening.  We are leaving for Seychelles tonight and will be gone through June 10th (one of our flights is 16+ hours airtime).  My husband will be with me to help keep me motivated, so I’ll still be exercising at the resort’s fitness center and eating healthy foods.  We will be bringing healthy snacks with us as well.  I’m making my radical granola bars and no-sugar added sesame cookies to also bring on the trip to ease the food temptations.

14 days until my Tough Mudder Half!  If anyone in Denver wants to go and needs a team, lemme know!

Peace and Chicken Grease!


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