Time Warp to the Early 2000s!

Since it’s 88-90+ degrees out here in Fort Lauderdale in late June, I don’t get out during the day that much.  I prefer to hang out with my lil baby V. in the air conditioned apartment.  Occasionally we get out to go to appointments or run errands.  However, this makes it tricky to find time to get some legit exercise in.  Then about a week ago it dawned on me to do some exercise “videos” on my computer at home!  I used to do these bad boys throughout my high school and college years (never made them a habit, would do them on and off).  I used to own the TurboJams DVD set, and I really dug them.  So I searched the internet and found the workouts on Dailymotion.com.  I’ve been doing the 20-minute one for about a week now and it feels good to finally get some activity in during the daytime when my babe is napping.  It should also be said that the nice thing about doing exercise “videos” (I put the quotes around it because they’re not videos in 2018) is that I can be as goofy as I want!  So if you can’t find time to leave the house, but can spare 20 minutes for yourself in a big enough space, try this lil Diddy out!

TurboJams 20-Minute Workout!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 6.16.00 PM.png

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