Whole 30 – Startup

I need a kickstart for getting back into shape after baby V.  It’s been almost 2 months since giving birth and my weight has stayed around the 220 mark.  At my heaviest during the pregnancy I was a lil over 240.  My goal weight is still 150lbs.  It’ll take some time to get there.  This Whole 30 will be my reset.  And awaaaay we go!


Rules of the Whole 30

Whole 30 webpage link

It’s actually quite simple.  The idea behind this eating reset is to figure out how different foods effect you and what foods might be hindering your progress.  Myself, I don’t handle milk very well.  This sucks, as there are few things I like (in the moment) more than an ice cold glass of milk).  A little teacher’s trick here.  I’ll start with what you CAN eat on Whole 30 to make it seem more like a positive change.  After, I’ll add in the No-Nos.  It all comes down to eating more natural foods, avoiding processed foods, and scrutinizing labels (trust no one, especially the food companies).

YES!  You CAN Eat…

1. PROTEIN!  Don’t go on protein overload, but feel free to eat meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.  You can even eat sausage and bacon (watch out for nitrates and added sugars).

2. VEGGIES!. Go balls-to-the-wall with your vegetable intake.  There are so many ways to cook veggies and there are so many darn kinds of veggies, you’ll never run out of options.  No lima beans, corn, or peas, though.  Everything else is a go-EVEN POTATOES!!!

3. FRUIT!  I didn’t say “fruit juice”, as that has crazy amounts of sugars without any fiber.  Enjoy whole fruits.  Aim, however, for about one serving of fruit per day.  This can be a bit too much to ask some days.

4. NUTS and SEEDS!  These are both such an awesome source of protein, healthy fats, and fiber.  Eat ’em up!  Remember no peanuts, though.  You can make or buy your own nut butters, too.

5. OILS and GHEE!  Don’t go drinking down a bottle of canola oil and no, deep-frying is probably not the healthiest.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for roasting.  Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil are rad for cooking at higher heats.  Even though regular butter is off-limits, you can enjoy GHEE, which is clarified butter.  It’s used a lot in South Asian cooking.  My husband being Indian and into cooking Indian foods, we always have a jar of ghee in the apartment.  It’s cheapest to buy this in an Indian/Asian grocery store.  Health food stores have them but they really jack up the prices.

6.  COFFEE!  Yes!!!  You can have your morning coffee!  Unless you’re keen on drinking it black (which kills me), you need to find a Whole 30 compliant “creamer”.  As in the above video, I use coconut milk.



1. No Sugar.  This includes sweet syrups of any kind.  Unless it is naturally-occurring sugar in foods (the fiber is important!), don’t touch it.

2. No Alcohol or Tobacco.

3. No Grains.  Yup, contrary to what you thought as a kid, corn is not a vegetable.

4. No Legumes.  This means no soy or peanut butter as well.

5. No Dairy.  Nope.  No milk, cheese, butter (with one exception-ghee), or yogurt.

6. No Healthy Versions of Junk Food.  This is the part that is going to be tricky for me, as I love to bake things that are healthy but reminiscent of sweet treats (i.e. black bean brownies, nut-butter cookies).  The idea behind this is that by eating fake junk food, your mind still craves that and remembers that junk food.  Whether or not I believe this, I’m going to stick to this plan for the 30 days just to see.

7. No Stepping on the Scale Until the End.  I weighed myself today and won’t weigh myself until 30 days from now.  The reason for this is to not get caught up in the numbers game.  Yes, you will lose weight, but don’t get bogged down by that number.




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